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Why Vote for Me?

I was involved in the fight against the CVS as a committee member. My 2017 campaign brought me into a leadership role which ultimately placed me as co-chair of the referendum committee in 2018.

What is the REAL story about how Renee Vaughan feels about the Police Station? 

Who knows what's best for Genoa Township?


Residents or builders and developers?


You have probably gotten several mailers and maybe a robocall or two from the Delaware Business PAC in the past few days.


What is the Delaware Business PAC?


Most, if not all, of its contributors are builders, developers, or people who own businesses who profit from development.  This is not just happening in Genoa Township.  This PAC is running negative ads in Orange Township, The City of Delaware, and many other locations across the county.

Find out who donated to this PAC and who has benefited by clicking this link and typing in “Delaware Business PAC.”…/delaware/webcfs/default.aspx

Why is this PAC sending multiple mailers and making robocalls lying about Renee Vaughan not supporting the new police station and then supporting the other candidate?


Because they know Renee Vaughan has and will continue to fight against high-density in Genoa Township. This PAC is spending thousands of dollars against Renee Vaughan's clean campaign because they stand to lose money when Renee is elected trustee. Renee Vaughan is funded by herself and fellow Genoa Township residents because her goal is to represent the people.

Whom do you want representing you as your next trustee?

Builders and developers or a fellow resident?

To listen to the truth about the false claims about the police station, listen to the audio below from 1:44- 6:45.…/…/Trustee/2018/2018-06-26.mp3

After listening to the audio, it is clear that Renee Vaughan was talking about placing a temporary moratorium on development to protect the township residents from having to place, yet another, development on the ballot by referendum because the zoning resolution and comprehensive plans were not harmonized.  This loophole is what Trustees Goodman and Gebhardt said were the reasons they needed to approve "The Ravines at Hoover."  At the end of the discussion, Trustee Dantonio clearly states that placing a temporary moratorium on development would NOT include the building of the new police station.

Renee Vaughan has ALWAYS supported the building of the new police station.

Making false claims about the police is a page right out of the Goodman/Gebhardt playbook. During the 2017 Trustee race, trustees Gebhardt and Goodman also claimed that "Some politicians want Genoa's police, fire, and EMT's removed." This was also a LIE. There was NEVER any threat to take away the police or fire department. The claim came from the county commissioners who were looking into consolidating EMS services throughout the county.

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