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Engaged in the Genoa Community

I started attending township meetings in 2012 when my neighbor started a grass roots campaign to stop the CVS development at the corner of Route 3 and Big Walnut Road.  As a regular attendee, it became clear to me that local leaders were not listening to the voices of the residents.  This is when I became passionate about following township business.  I started attending and speaking at zoning and trustee meetings on a regular basis.

I have become more frustrated over the years watching many residents speak about issues only to have trustees vote against residents' wishes.  After years of frustration, I decided to run for trustee in 2017.

Although unsuccessful in 2017, I became even more determined to preserve the character of our community and protect it against high-density developments.

While campaigning in 2017, I met many like-minded residents who were concerned with the direction in which Genoa Township was moving.   This is when we united to form Genoa Township Residents for Responsible Development (GTRRD).

Our concern was validated when two trustees approved The Ravines at Hoover, which violated the densities in the Comprehensive Plan.  This lead Jim Carter and I to co-chair a successful referendum to stop high-density in Genoa Township.  The 75%+ residents who voted against high-density demonstrated that the majority of residents in Genoa Township are against irresponsible development.

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