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Passionate about keeping Genoa a "nice place to live."

Genoa Township is a unique community

Our township is not like surrounding areas.  Westerville has a more urban feel.  Orange Township has a lot of retail stores, restaurants, apartments, condos, and neighborhoods with small lots.  Sunbury is really starting to boom with more retail stores and housing developments popping up.

Genoa Township surrounds a large portion of Hoover Reservoir and is made up of mostly residential areas.  This makes our community unique.  The township is proposed to be built out by 2030, so the next 11 years are crucial in determining the look and feel of Genoa Township.

My desire is to protect the rural feel of Genoa Township.  As trustee, I will strive to preserve the rural feel of the township.  It is what sets Genoa Township apart from other central Ohio areas.

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