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Bret Watson

Westerville Reserve

"Renee Vaughan, Trustee for Genoa Township, is up for reelection this fall. Since she has been a trustee, she hosts a regular Residents' Hour so that residents can have access to a Trustee to discuss anything related to the Township. 

Not all residents are able to attend the formal monthly Trustee meetings. Some residents may not be comfortable with public comment, or they may have questions about what they heard in a meeting. The Residents' Hour provides an opportunity for residents to visit with Trustee Vaughan in a social, relaxed environment. 

It's comforting to know a Trustee cares enough to provide this time to listen to the voice of the residents. That is what we elect them to do, and Trustee Vaughan provides this time. Trustee Vaughan will listen to all comments, take notes, and follow up. Please take time to stop in at one of her Residents' Hour meetings to visit and share your thoughts or concerns."

Janet and Todd Walko

Rome Corners Road

”We have lived on Rome Corners Road in Genoa Township for almost 50 years.  Of the three trustees, Renee is the only one who has taken the time to ask us for input.  With her experience, knowledge, and common sense, she is truly an asset to Genoa Township.”



"Renee is an unwavering force for the betterment of Genoa Township, continually working to keep it a delightful haven for residents. One compelling instance of her dedication is Hilmar Park, nestled within our neighborhood and just across the road from our home. For years, this beautiful park had been plagued by an overpopulation of Canada Geese, wreaking havoc on the walking trails, playground, and fishing dock, while also decimating everyone's yards.

Renee listened to residents’ concerns and tackled the pressing geese predicament at Hilmar Park. Through her persistent efforts and resourcefulness, she successfully resolved the issue, resulting in a goose-dropping free park that is now cherished and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you, Renee for your unwavering commitment to making our community 'A Nice Place to Live!'"

Lisa Hampl


"When the Genoa Baptist Church filed plans to make yet more additions to their complex including a roadway immediately across from the Mirasol subdivision, Renee Vaughan is the only Trustee that met with Mirasol residents and listened to our concerns. Although our opposition to the roadway fell to defeat, we appreciated that Renee supported the residents and truly understood what was best for our community."


London Crossing

"I have found Renee Vaughan to be very responsive to requests from members of the community.  She knows how to troubleshoot problems and find positive solutions - a candidate who is truly dedicated and committed to her role as a Trustee!"

Sandra Young

Plumb Road

"Renee Vaughan has been a 'breath of fresh air' serving us residents as a Trustee in Genoa Township.  Recently, (almost a year) she has guided us through the development plans for many new homes and changes to our community, Miraluna, a Romanelli- Hughes’ development.   Renee has invited us to join her for informational gatherings to hear our concerns and questions about this big housing project.  She was extremely helpful, transparent, and easy to talk with.  She has made us feel we are a part of the many changes in our little farming community and have a say in the future plans.  My husband and I have lived in Genoa Township for thirty years and definitely trust her and feel she is a 'keeper."

Gail Watson

Westerville Reserve

"As residents, there are always questions about what’s happening in Genoa Township.  Renee’s monthly Residents' Hour is a perfect venue for asking those questions and providing feedback.  I am hopeful that more residents will take advantage of these good sessions!"

B J Neale

Highland Lakes

"Renee...It is my pleasure to endorse you for re-election to the Genoa Township Board. During my career I have served on numerous Boards and Associations, both non profit and corporate boards.  I was extremely pleased and impressed with the way you handled the most recent situation regarding stop signs in various subdivisions within Genoa Township.
I know from the emotions from owners that were stirred up over the removal of the longstanding signs was a very delicate matter. Particularly, working with owners that felt their rights were being violated developed into a very difficult situation that required a very calm and focused demeanor which you exemplified.  It would have been easy just to send letters to all owners stating the state and county laws and restrictions that required the removal of the signs.  However, you took the time to invite owners to a meeting to explore other alternatives.
While some owners were very combative and unwilling to recognize the various State and County statutes and jurisdictions, you exhibited the utmost patience in dealing with the issues at hand. I feel the outcome was a win-win. And, ironically, I was an owner that at first wanted the signs to stay in place.
Thank you again for your leadership. We look forward to your re-election and continued leadership on the Genoa Township Board."

Erica Fouss

Orange Township Trustee

"Trustee Vaughan has been a collaborative partner in local government. She is involved at the County level with DCTA, working with other townships in Delaware County to advocate for all township residents with our state wide officials. She also makes herself available to her constituents on a monthly basis with her "Residents' Hour". She is aware of the needs of the residents of Genoa Township and serves them with a cool head and open mind."

Joe Garrett

Concord Township Trustee

“I have witnessed how strongly Trustee Vaughan advocates for township residents and her dedication to best practices. I would encourage Genoa Township residents to join me in supporting such a dedicated public servant.”
President, Delaware County Township Association (DCTA)

Meghan Raehll

Berlin Township Trustee

"I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Trustee Vaughan on improving township legislation at the County and State levels. Trustee Vaughan provides excellent leadership and works diligently and collaboratively with many townships to find common-sense solutions that empower township residents. She is a true example of a public servant who is committed to the needs of her community."
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